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Here's How to Monitor Your CPAP Compliance

Posted by RemZzzs on Jul 20, 2018 10:25:00 AM

We've talked a lot about CPAP compliance and the advantages of staying on top of your usage as recommended by your sleep doctors. Not only does proper compliance ensure your therapy is as effective as possible, it helps your insurance provider cover your costs, potentially saving you thousands in the long run.

But how exactly can you and your sleep doctors monitor your compliance? What options do you have for accessing your key compliance data and reporting it to your doctors and your insurance providers? It turns out you have a range of choices depending on your tech skills and your preferences.

Here are some key ways you can monitor your CPAP compliance:

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Here's What You Need to Know About CPAP Compliance

Posted by RemZzzs on Jun 18, 2018 1:30:00 PM

"CPAP compliance" could seem like a confusing term at first, but it's really all about making sure your CPAP therapy is as consistent and effective as possible. That means finding the right equipment, air pressure, headgear, mask, and mask liners to ensure comfortable sleep along with a personalized treatment plan that works for you. 

This means that you'll work directly with your sleep doctor or therapist to learn how to get the most from your therapy and to figure out a daily and nightly routine that set you up for long-term CPAP success.

Perhaps the best reason to be compliant is that health insurance will cover CPAP costs, which keeps $1,500 to $3,000 in your pocket, but only if you meet their minimum requirements.

Let's unpack all the ideas behind CPAP compliance.

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Do I Need a Sleep Study to Get a CPAP Device?

Posted by RemZzzs on Mar 26, 2018 9:26:02 AM

If you suspect you have sleep apnea, a sleep study is the best way to determine if you actually have the sleep disorder. If your doctor has ordered a sleep study to understand the cause of your sleep troubles, you should know what a sleep study is and how they work.

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Will Medicare Pay for a CPAP Device?

Posted by RemZzzs on Mar 7, 2018 7:09:00 AM


Does Medicare pay for CPAP Equipment? Snoring is no fun. But if it’s sleep apnea you’re suffering from, a cranky partner is the least of your concerns. With obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), you’re in danger of contracting a whole host of other serious ailments, including diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and depression.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than 18 million U.S. adults suffer from sleep apnea, with prevalence as high as 10% to 20% in children who snore habitually. OSA happens to both genders in all age groups.

Thankfully, there’s continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy for sleep apnea sufferers. But will Medicare and other insurances cover the cost of CPAP machine usage?

The answer is yes, but you must meet certain conditions – very specific conditions, in fact.

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