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Here are Some Home Remedies for Sleepless Nights

Posted by RemZzzs on Dec 4, 2018 9:45:03 AM

Trouble sleeping is an issue that's all too common for people these days, as 1 in 3 people suffers from at least mild forms of insomnia, and as many as 10% of people have chronic insomnia disorder. This leads to difficulty sleeping and many sleepless nights for many people all over the country.

For those with chronic sleep issues that require a comfortable CPAP mask and individuals who are too stressed to sleep, it's understandable to want to find some kind of home remedy to supplement your sleep cycle. So, what can you do to help yourself fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer? Here are some of our best insomnia remedies to consider:

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How to Get a CPAP Prescription

Posted by RemZzzs on Nov 28, 2018 7:08:21 AM

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes sufferers to stop breathing repeatedly while sleeping, causing frequent awakenings during the night and many other symptoms of poor sleep quality. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is an effective treatment for many people who suffer from sleep apnea. It uses CPAP masks to help sufferers sleep through the night and can even reduce or eliminate the symptoms and negative health effects sleep apnea can cause.

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Use Our Sleep Hygiene Checklist for Better Sleep

Posted by RemZzzs on Nov 17, 2018 12:01:00 PM

Many people across the globe struggle to sleep. Some are reliant on CPAP medical technology and others are just stressed. While most of us take care to keep up with our daily hygiene tasks like bathing, washing hands, and brushing teeth; many people don't know that there are also many tasks and habits related to sleep hygiene. That's right— things you do during the day and evening can have a great effect on your sleep quality!

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What are the Different Types of Sleep Apnea?

Posted by RemZzzs on Oct 22, 2018 12:01:00 PM

Most people have heard of sleep apnea, and many know of a friend or family member who suffers from it. But, its causes and symptoms are often misunderstood. There are three main types of sleep apnea, each with its own unique physiological characteristics, risk factors, and treatments. Understanding sleep apnea at a deeper level is key to getting the right treatment to reduce or even avoid its symptoms. Treatment options for sleep apnea include masks. 

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